Monday, 7 April 2014

A Little Bit of a Rest

During the last week I have done very few miles at a very gentle pace. The reasoning behind this is to try to rest my injured foot and to give my body some rest before the Sara Killey. Normally I would only rest the week before but this year my body has been given almost a full two weeks.

So this Sunday is the Sara Killey race from Peel fire station to Ramsey fire station - 50km in total. I'm hoping for a similar time to last year which was 5:56. For some reason I don't feel as fit as I was last year, but this could just be because I'm getting harder on myself and expect more each year. Only time will tell.

2013 was a busy walking year for me. As well as doing all the shorter race walks I also did the Sara Killey in April, the Parish Walk in June, the 100 Mile walk in August and the End to End in September. 


It was a chilly start, there was still a bit of snow around on parts of the course, but after a couple of miles I was nicely warmed up and enjoying the walk. 

The Sara is a perfect training walk for the Parish as it follows the Parish route and is fairly flat.

For the majority of the distance I was 3rd lady but I could hear the crowd behind me talking all the way. This constant chatter kept me motivated in keeping ahead. However just as I left Andreas Karen Lawrie came alongside me. She chatted to me for a couple of minutes and then effortlessly left me behind! I tried to keep up with her but there was no way my legs would go that speed so I settled for a respectable 4th place behind Sue Biggart, Maureen Moffat (joint 1st) and Karen (3rd). 

I'm really looking forward to Sunday's race, although I can feel the nerves starting to kick in whenever I think about it. Nerves are apparently good - they turn into adrenaline on the day!

Good luck to all those taking part and loads of thanks to all those supporting on the roads and in the cars.

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  1. Good Luck with the Sara :) Will be thinking of you!