Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sara Killey 2014 - Ticked!

Sunday April 13th 2014 was the Sara Killey Firefighters walk from Peel to Ramsey via Ballaugh, Jurby, Bride and Andreas. A total of 50km (just over 31 miles).

The turnout was good, a lot of the usual faces and a few very welcome new ones.
The weather was almost perfect. There was a strong headwind from Bride onwards, but otherwise it was a sunny and cool day (although I did hear a few complaints about the heat!)

My co-blogger, Richard Wild, led the race out of Peel but soon disappeared out of my sight. For the first 20 miles I managed to hold onto the position of 2nd / 3rd lady, constantly jostling with Jane Foster but coming into Bride Maureen Moffat passed me with relative ease. This was not unexpected! I was tiring and Maureen had much more stamina than I did.

I kept my position of 3rd lady for a few more miles but knew that Karen Lawrie and Sammy Bowden were hot on my heels. They overtook me in Andreas - also not really unexpected. I really need to work on my fitness!

With 5 miles to go Jane once again caught up with me but this time we walked together in relative silence, just concentrating on keeping up the speed for a sub-6 hour finish. 

We finished in tied 5th position in a time of 5:56:17.

A special thanks to Brian for supporting me once again. Without the constant supply of water, supplements, food and encouragement I would never have finished in the time I did.

Also thanks to Jane Foster for keeping me focused throughout the race, but especially the final 5 miles. I very seldom walk with anyone else but our speed was so similar for the full 50km that it just made sense to spur each other on.

Congratulations to all who took part in the Sara Killey and thanks to all who supported the race.
Congratulations to Richard and Karen, our 2014 winners.

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