Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Two Week Countdown

Well it's finally here. The last two weeks before the Parish Walk. The next two weeks bring about very mixed feelings. I want to go out and do some final long distance training but know it's not in my best interest. I feel nervous about the 85 mile walk coming up but can't wait. I constantly go through the training I could have done but haven't. I check through my list of things to do and things to pack before the walk. Have I got everything? What do I still need to buy? Are my designated trainers walked in enough? Have they got any hot spots where I'm likely to get blisters? etc. etc.

Yesterday I did a good paced 8 mile walk around Ramsey and today I will be heading up Maughold for the last time before the Parish. For the next two weeks I will do a couple of fairly relaxed 5 milers around Ramsey each week.

My fellow bloggers are each doing their own challenges this weekend. Jock is in Rotterdam doing 100 miles and Richard is in York doing a 20k race walk. I have no doubt both will excel in their races.

As promised I have my list of things to pack. If you feel I've left something off please feel free to leave me a comment, I'm sure there'll be plenty of room left in the car to pack more.

  • Avon Skin So Soft (to keep the bugs at bay)
  • Compeed plasters (never used them yet but always have them with me)
  • Sun screen
  • Hats (peak for the sun and warmer for the cooler night)
  • Gloves
  • Garmin watches (I need two because one only gets me to Maughold)
  • Race Number - very, very important
  • Dibber - also very, very important
  • Bib (to put number on, not for dribbling on)
  • Spare T-Shirt, socks, leggings, shoes
  • Heavy hi-viz yellow jacket
  • Light hi-viz yellow jacket (must always be visible regardless of the time of day)
  • Rain coat
  • Sandwiches (peanut butter, cheese spread, honey)
  • Gels, powders, Zero tablets, Shotbloks
  • Energy bars
  • Nutrigrain bars
  • Bananas (lots of them - Jock quoted 42)
  • Chocolate (you never know when you need a sugar rush!)
  • Jelly sweets
  • Smoothies (for when the solid food becomes too much)
  • Watermelon
  • Water (lots and lots)
  • Headlight (a must have if you're intending to walk after 10pm)
  • Front and Back lights (as above)
  • Reflective Bands
  • Coffee
  • Soup (also for when solid food becomes too much)
  • Mobile phone (only used in emergencies - never had to use it yet)
  • Waterless hand cleaner (the gels get really sticky if you spill any)
  • Wet wipes (for wiping away the sweat!)
  • Painkillers, Anti-inflammatories (keep to a minimum - only take if absolutely necessary)
  • Any other food that takes my fancy between now and then
  • Muscle oil

That's it!
My tip of the day - if you're not sure if you'll need it on the day - pack it.

The Start of Parish Walk 2013


  1. Looks good. The only things I'd add would be;

    Something to settle an upset stomach (settlers, Rennie, even Tonic water works well)
    A toothbrush and Toothpaste. Ed Walters discovered this gem a few years ago and it is brilliant to be able to get rid of that horrid, gummed-up-mouth feeling you get after 20+ hours of eating on the go.
    I also have plasters and savlon. It is surprisingly easy to slip or trip in the later stages, particularly when it gets wet. I've not needed them (yet) but I have seen others fall and graze a knee so I keep them in my first-aid kit.

    1. Thanks James, so far I haven't had to worry about an upset stomach - I think it must be lined with lead. Ginger biscuits are also good for an upset stomach. For the previous 2 years I carried toothpaste and didn't use it, mainly because by the time I needed it my mind was mostly gone! I have now packed spray plaster as unlike you I have actually fallen during the Parish and taken all the skin of one hand - I walked dripping blood for a while, but I walked! Good luck on Saturday.

  2. Excellent advice. What do you use/recommend for a rear reflective light? I've got a headlight, luminous top, strips, etc but not sure about the reverse. Thanks

    1. Hi Niches78,
      I have two clip on lights that I got from Up and Running. They have Nathan written on the front and are about 2 inches high by 1.25 inches wide. I have sewn an elastic strip onto my hi-viz bib so that I can just clip the lights on when it goes dark. Bicycle lights are also good for the purpose. I hope this helps. Good luck on Saturday.

    2. Brilliant thanks Steph. Best of luck to you too!