Sunday, 15 June 2014

Good luck and Best Foot Forward

With only 5 days and a few hours left before we all meet on the start line at the NSC there isn't too much left to do except organise, plan and pack. I find packing for a 24 (hopefully less) hour walk around the Isle of Man more stressful than packing to go on a 3 week holiday abroad. So far this is what my packing looks like :-
Other than the above I'm hoping I'll get all my fresh food and drink into a cooler box. I will also have a lot of cold water and a couple of thermos flasks with coffee and soup.
I feel comforted by the fact that everybody else I speak to is also feeling the anxiety of not getting it right on the day. There are so many "what ifs" that cannot be answered until they happen.
I wish every single person who is taking part in this fantastic event the very best of luck. Fight through the fatigue and the pain and achieve your goal with pride and a huge smile!
To all the supporters along the streets or in cars - Thank You.
To everyone who has been involved in the organisation of the day - a MASSIVE Thank You.
To all the marshals who will be out on Saturday for long hours in unknown weather - Thank You.
This is my last blog until after the event and then hopefully I will be able to report success in completing my third Parish Walk in a row.
My tip for the day - take it easy this week, eat healthily and start the race feeling fresh and energetic.


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    1. Thanks Michael, good luck yourself if you decide to go any further than the NSC! :)

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  2. Good luck Steph, I know you'll smash it AGAIN this year. I'll be cheering you on when I see you, and look forward to checking you in at Lonan !

    1. Thanks Ed, well done on your 100 miles. I bet you're glad that's over. I will try to get to Lonan as soon as possible ! :)

  3. Cheers. Yes, absolutely delighted that's over. Really looking forward to this weekend now. I will see it from the other side.