Sunday, 26 January 2014

Please Support Me

As much as I love my adorable (most of the time) little Miniature Schnauzers sometimes I just wish they were dogs I could take on training walks with me!
I often see Karen Lawrie out walking with her dog, they walk miles together. Janice Quirk is another who trains with her canine companion. All my two want to do is sniff and pee! This makes time management so much more difficult - rush home from work, walk dogs, get home and change into training gear, go for a training walk, get home, shower, get dressed, feed dogs and me, take dogs for a quick walk around the block and bed. This is a typical day for me. Weekends are slightly more relaxed :)

Luckily I have fantastic support for the Parish Walk and I am looked after all day as well as not having to worry about my dogs. Support is an incredibly important part of the Parish Walk and without it I wouldn't be able to complete the full 85 miles.

The first year I decided to do the Parish Brian was soaking up as much information as he could possibly get on how best to get me to the end. One of the things that we soon learnt was very true is that after I reached somewhere around Andreas I would no longer be able to make decisions regarding food, drink and clothing as my brain would be as tired as my feet. This was so true as when I was handed a cup of coffee I immediately dropped it as it burnt my hands. It was at this point that Brian realised just how cold I was because the coffee was only just lukewarm! He made me put on another jacket and change my gloves and hat. It sounds a bit extreme but I honestly had no idea I was freezing cold and wet.

It was a bit of trial and error trying to decide exactly how far ahead Brian would park. The further into the walk I got the shorter the distance ahead he stopped. That seemed to work very well for me.
My tip of the day - If you can make it, take the time to go to the Parish Walk Talk on 25th February. 

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