Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hi blog readers and hopefully followers, my name is Steph Quayle, 48 years old, and my claim to fame regarding this blog is finishing the Parish Walk in 2012 on the first attempt and then finishing again in 2013 85 minutes faster than the previous year. My aim is to finish again in 2014, hopefully in a better time but a finish is foremost in my mind at this time. Well here we are at the end of another year and only 3 weeks from Christmas. While most of us are occupied with Christmas trees, presents and Christmas parties, Murray Lambden is typing away furiously to get the Parish Walk 2014 website up and running for the launch on 1st December. This cannot be delayed as there will be Parish Walk enthusiasts waiting to sign in and sign up for next year's 85 mile walk.

Having been a member of a gym most of my adult life and playing league squash I have always been fairly active and fit but in 2008 I decided to take up a new sport. I had followed the Parish Walk from the time I arrived on the island and wanted to attempt it but never believed that I could complete 85 miles in 24 hours so instead I opted for the shorter distance of the End to End Walk. With very little training and absolutely no advice whatsoever I joined the start line. I finished in 8 hours 30 minutes.

This is where my race walking story starts.....

My hint and tip of the day - always warm up and stretch before a walk, always cool down and stretch after a walk.

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